Founded on April 26,1923,Northeastern University was the top academic institution in Northeast China at that time. Its campus, adjacent to the North Tomb Park, Covered an area of 2.2 square kilometers.

In August 1928, the renowned patriotic Marshal Chang Hsueh-liang, who was the head of military and administration in Northeast China and devoted to education, took the post of Concurrent president of Northeast University. Due to sufficient funding, an equivalent educational environment and concentration of distinguished scholars, the University rapidly became a comprehensive university with 24 departments and eight non-degree programs organized into six school of science, engineering, humanities, law, agriculture and education. It was nationally recognized as a first class university with 3,000 students and over 100 professors.

After the ¡°September 18 Incident¡± in 1931, the University was forced to drift successively to Beijing, Xi¡¯an and Santai in Sichuan Province. During that period the students and faculty of NEU, the major and pioneer force of the ¡°December 9 Movement¡±, were actively devoted to the struggle against the Japanese Invasion and the salvation of the motherland. This had a positive influence of facilitating the occurrence of the ¡°Xi¡¯an Incident¡±. In February 1946, the University returned to its original location of Shenyang.

In February 1949, Shenyang College of Industry was established based upon the School of Engineering, and partially upon the School of Science of Northeastern University. It was named Northeast University of Technology in August 1950. Since it was operated under the direction of the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry in 1955, it became a university with the earliest history, largest scale and most complete disciplines in the field of metallurgy in China. In 1960, the University was classified as one of the 64 national key universities. In 1981, it was approved by the State Council to have the authority to confer bachelor¡¯s master¡¯s and doctorate degrees.

Since Northeast University received approval of the State Education Commission to set up a graduate school in 1986, it has advanced to the top 33 universities with graduate schools.

On March 8,1993, the State Education Commission approved the resumption of the original name of Northeastern University. Mr. Chang Hsueh-liang wrote the University¡¯s name and took up the post of honorary president.

He Jicheng
Professor He Jicheng, President of NEU

President ¡ª He Jingcheng

PhD He Jicheng, President of Northeastern Univeristy, was born in June, in Wafangdian, Liaoning. He stepped into work in October,1968 and joined the Party in December, 1985. He is a receiver of doctorate in steel industry from Engineering Department of Nagoya University, Japan, as well as an doctorial instructor.

PhD He now is President of Northeastern University, member of National Faculty Assessment Committee of the State Council, Vice Chairman of Chinese Society for Metals, Vice Chairman of Chinese Metallurgy Education, syndic of Chinese High Education Society, Chairman of Electromagnetic Metallurgy & Science of Materials on High Magnetic Field and Energy & Pyrology¡ªtwo branches of Chinese Society for Metals, and Vice Chairman of Association for Science & Technology, Liaoning. He used to be the representative of the 15th and 16th CCP(Congress of the Chinese Communist Party), the representative of the 10th NPC(National People's Congress), committeeman of the 10th NPC the Ethnic Affairs Committee, and committeeman of Standing Committee of the CPPCC of Liaoning Province.

He started his study in, majored at Heat Engineering of Metallurgical Furnace and Autoimmunization. After graduation he used to work in the 3nd Metallurgy Construction Company of the Metallurgical Industry Department and Shenyang Automobile Manufacture Factory. In October,1978 he continued his study in Steel and Metallurgy Department of for master degree. Afterwards, in March,1980 he was sent, by National Education Committee, to Nagoya University for further study and got his master and doctor degree. After coming back from Japan in 1986 he began to teach in Northeastern Industry College, holding the post as dean of department, vice president, president successively. In 1998 he was commissioned as Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Northeastern University and then in 2002, President of Northeastern University.

PhD He has been on study and research on metallurgy feedback project and EMP(Electro Magnetic Pulse). He presided and accomplished more than 30 subjects, such as National Natural Science Fund, National Basic Research Program of China(973 Program), National 863 Program and so on. At the same time, he is the contributor of more than 160 academic papers, as well as the writer of 4 books.

He is a winner of many honors. In 1990, he was awarded the Model Member of the Communist Party by Shenyang Government; in 1995 he was elected as the Excellent Young Leader by Shenyang Government; in 1996 and 2000 he was elected as the Excellent Expert by Shenyang Government; in 1997 he won the honor of Excellent Oversea Returnee from the National Education Committee; in 1998 he embraced the Highest Honor from Soka University, Japan; in 1999 he received the honor of Excellent Leader in the movement of ¡°Respect Knowledge, Respect Talent¡±in Shenyang; in 2002 he was awarded Excellent Expert by Liaoning Province; in 2004 he was the winner of Top Model Worker of Shenyang.